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Special Issues



Special issue call: "Computational Intelligence for Biomedical Data and Imaging". Call for papers . Submission deadline May 30th, 2019

Special issue call: "Smart Communications and Networking for Future Video Surveillance". Call for papers . Submission deadline June 30th, 2019

Special issue call: "Multimodal Machine Learning for Human Behavior Analysis". Call for papers Submission deadline April 15th, 2019 April 30th

Special issue call: "Trusted Multimedia for Smart Digital Environments". Call for papers . Submission deadline September 20th, 2019


Special issue call: "Affective Computing for Large-Scale Heterogeneous Multimedia Data". Call for papers Submission deadline Dec. 15th, 2018 Extended to January 31st, 2019


Special issue call: "Face Analysis for Applications". Call for papers   Submission deadline Oct. 14th, 2018 Extended to November 14th, 2018


Special Issue call: "Big Data, Machine Learning and AI Technologies for Art and Design". Call fpr papers. Submission deadline June 15th, 2018 Extended to August 31st, 2018


Special Issue call: "Cross-Media Analysis for Visual Question Answering". Call for papers Submission deadline June 30th, 2018 Extended to July 31th, 2018


Special Issue call: "Multi-modal Understanding of Social, Affective and Subjective Attributes of Data". Call for papers . Submission deadline Oct. 1st, Extended to October 22nd, 2017


Special issue call: "Deep Learning for Intelligent Multimedia Analytics" Call for papers  Submission deadline Oct. 15, 2017 Extended to October 31th, 2017




Special issue call: "Delay-Sensitive Video Computing in the Cloud" Call for

Papers  Submission deadline Aug. 20, 2017


Special issue call: "QoE Management for Multimedia Services" Call for Papers Submission deadline May 15, 2017 Extended to June 15, 2017


Special issue call: "Representation, Analysis and Recognition of 3D Humans" Call for papers 


Special issue call: "Deep Learning for Mobile Multimedia" Call for Papers 


Special Sections

Special Section call: "Multimedia Computing and Applications of Socio-Affective Behaviors in the Wild" Call for papers 


Special Section call: "Multimedia Understanding via Multimodal Analytics" Call for Papers 




Multimedia Big Data: Networking

Volume 12, Issue 5s, September 2016


Trust Management for Multimedia Big Data

Volume 12 Issue 4s, September 2016



Smartphone-based Interactive Technologies, Systems and Applications

Volume 11 Issue 1s, October 2015 

Extended Best Paper Candidates of MMSys 2014

Volume 11 Issue 2s, February 2015 


Multiple Sensorial (MulSeMedia) Multimodal Media + Extended Best Paper Candidates of ACM Multimedia 2013

Volume 11 Issue 1s, September 2014

Extended Best Paper Candidates of ACM MMSys 2013 and ACM NOSSDAV 2013

Volume 10 Issue 1s, January 2014 


20th Anniversary of ACM International Conference on Multimedia + Extended Best Paper Candidates of ACM Multimedia 2012

Volume 9 Issue 1s, October 2013 


3D Mobile Multimedia + Extended Best Paper Candidates of ACM Multimedia 2011

Volume 8 Issue 3s, September 2012 

Multimedia Security

Volume 8 Issue 2S, September 2012

P2P Streaming

Volume 8 Issue 1S, February 2012 


Social Media + Extended Best Paper Candidates of ACM Multimedia 2010

Volume 7S Issue 1, October 2011


Multimedia Sensor Fusion

Volume 6 Issue 4, November 2010

Extended Best Paper Candidates of ACM Multimedia 2009

Volume 6 Issue 3, August 2010


Extended Best Paper Candidates of ACM Multimedia 2008

Volume 5 Issue 3, August 2009


Extended Best Paper Candidates of ACM Multimedia 2007

Volume 5 Issue 1, October 2008

Human-centered Television

Volume 4 Issue 4, October 2008


Eye-tracking Applications in Multimedia Systems

Volume 3 Issue 4, December 2007


Use of Context in Multimedia Information Systems

 Volume 2 Issue 3, August 06


Selected Papers from the ACM Multimedia Conference 2003

Volume 1 Issue 2, May 2005

The International ACM Multimedia Conference 1993 - Ten Years after

Volume 1 Issue 1, February 2005

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