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Information and guidelines for reviewers

Thank you for being an important part of the ACM TOMM community. Your expertise and knowledge are a significant contributing factor to the quality of the journal; we greatly appreciate your time and efforts.

The review process

The review is done online, at the ACM Manuscript Central, using the account you used to obtain the manuscript. Please note that in keeping up with the journal's goal of reasonable review duration, we require your review result within 6 weeks after a manuscript has been assigned to you. Your understanding of this matter and your cooperation is greatly appreciated. 

Papers for the ACM TOMM  must be research-oriented, of high quality, and within the journal's areas of coverage. The following are essential characteristics for an acceptable paper:

  • novel, research-oriented material with high technical quality
  • relevant to multimedia computing, communications, and applications
  • of interest to researchers of the field
  • effective presentation

A paper of substandard-level in any of the above should be rejected. In addition, papers whose primary focus is on particular multimedia products or the current state of the industry should also be rejected.

General ACM policies

For more information on specific topics, see the ACM publications policies.

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