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Nicolas D. Georganas Best Paper Award

The purpose of the named award is to recognize the most significant work in ACM TOMM (formerly TOMCCAP) in a given calendar year. The whole readership of ACM TOMM is invited to nominate articles which were published in the previous Volume. Based on the nominations the winner is chosen by the TOMM Editorial Board. The main assessment criteria are quality, novelty, timeliness, clarity of presentation, in addition to relevance to multimedia computing, communications, and applications. The award honors the founding Editor-in-Chief of TOMM, Nicolas D. Georganas, for his outstanding contributions to the field of multimedia computing and his significant contributions to ACM. He exceedingly influenced the research and the whole multimedia community.

Call for nominations: Deadline July 10th, 2018 cfn


Automatic Generation of Visual-Textual Presentation Layout (TOMM vol.12, Issue 2) by Xuyong Yang, Tao Mei, Ying-Qing Xu, Yong Rui, and Shipeng Li. Details can be found in the press release.


Cross-Platform Emerging Topic Detection and Elaboration from Multimedia Streams (TOMM vol.11, Issue 4) by Bing-Kun Bao, Changsheng Xu, Weiqing Min and Mohammod Shamim Hossain. Details can be found in the press release.


A Quality of Experience Model for Haptic Virtual Environments (TOMM vol.10, Issue 3) by Abdelwahab Hamam, Abdulmotaleb El Saddik and Jihad Alja'am. Details can be found in the press release.


A framework for network aware caching for video on demand systems by Bogdan Carbunar, Rahul Potharaju, Michael Pearce, Venugopal Vasudevan and Michael Needham. Have a look at the press release


Exploring interest correlation for peer-to-peer socialized video sharing by Xu Cheng and Jiangchuan Liu. More information can be found here.


Video Quality for Face Detection, Recognition and Tracking by Pavel Korshunov and Wei Tsang Ooi. Please see the press release for details.

Call for nominations

We invite our readership to nominate papers for the TOMM Nicolas D. Georganas Best Paper Award. The next deadline for nominations is 15-06-2017. All articles from regular issues of volume 12 can be nominated. For details please contact the Editor-in-Chief.


Associate Editor of the Year Award

Annually, the Editor-in-Chief of the ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications (TOMM) honors one member of the Editorial Board with the TOMM Associate Editor of the Year Award. The purpose of the award is the distinction of excellent work for ACM TOMM and hence also for the whole multimedia community in the previous year. Criteria for the award are (1) the amount of submissions processed in time, (2) the performance during the reviewing process and (3) the accurate interaction with the reviewers in order to broader the awareness for the journal.


James She


Cheng-Hsin Hsu


Pradeep Atrey


Mohamed Hefeeda


Mohan Kankanhalli


Changsheng Xu


Gerald Friedland


Shervin Shirmohammadi

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