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The ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications is the flagship publication of the ACM Special Interest Group in Multimedia (SIGMM). It is soliciting paper submissions on all aspects of multimedia. Papers on single media (for instance, audio, video, animation) and their processing are also welcome.

TOMM is a peer-reviewed, archival journal, available in both print form and digital form. The Journal is published quarterly; with roughly 7 23-page articles in each issue. In addition, all Special Issues are published online-only to ensure a timely publication. The transactions consists primarily of research papers. This is an archival journal and it is intended that the papers will have lasting importance and value over time. In general, papers whose primary focus is on particular multimedia products or the current state of the industry will not be included.


The journal covers publications in the three general subfields of multimedia computing, communications, and applications, each consisting of various areas of research. Note that this is not an exclusive list: other topics in these fields (computing, communications, applications) are also accepted.

  • Multimedia computing (research on systems support)
    • Multimedia data abstractions
    • Media coding, adaption and processing
    • Multimodal human-centered computing
    • Media content security and rights management
    • Mobile multimedia
    • Multimedia Quality of Experience
  • Multimedia communications (research on computer networks support)
    • Real-time protocols
    • Resource-adaptive systems
    • Multicast and group communication
    • Wireless multimedia
    • Multimedia streaming (via P2P etc.)
    • Cloud-based multimedia
  • Multimedia applications (research on tools and applications)
    • Distributed collaboration, including video conferencing
    • Immersive environments, telepresence and 3D worlds
    • Conten authoring, search, retrieval and recommender systems
    • Multimedia-based teaching and learning
    • Multimedia content analysis
    • Multimodal affective computing
    • New integrated media (virtual reality, haptics, holography, eSmell, eTaste etc.)
    • Social media
    • Metrics and methods to evaluate Quality of Experience
    • multimodal affective computing
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